Valentina Capuleti

The Valentina Capuleti brand was born with her, on that November day when the snow fell copiously and covered the whole town.
her Since she was a child she has been attracted to everything that is particular, gritty, colorful, to everything that is not "the usual".
Her first creative works appear in 2011, but 2019 is the year in which everything changed.
Vale (never call her Valentina) makes a magical encounter with her tenacity, elegance and her style, puts them together and creates a unique product.
Vale's style is unmistakable, her creations communicate joy and love; whoever wore them swears that they are also enchanted.
The key word that sums up her concept? SACRED OPULENCE.
They are jewels that catch the eye, dedicated to those who want to be loved and, even before, love themselves.